About Us

About Us

Here on this page we will introduce some of the experts who write for our site as well as give information all about how this site was formed and our goals for the site Online Courses For You. If you find that while on the site you have particular questions or other information which you feel is pertinent for us, please click the “CONTACT US” link and send us a message; one of our editors or the web master will get back to you as quickly as they possibly can.

Online Courses For You is a living, growing, non-ending, web-based, and free information site providing facts and data on a wide range of subjects all about online courses of study and web based schools. Our goal is to eventually cover all aspects of continuing education and degree programs as well as trade schools and other technical courses available online.

Our Staff

The main contributors are listed on our STAFF PAGE however when other topics or fields of study are needed, Online Courses For You will hire freelance writers to explore, research and provide content and information for the site.

Online Courses For You is compiled and edited by a team comprised of our own staff, hired contributors and other sources based on their field of expertise as well as research done on the web and in some cases, by actual on the ground field work to make sure we have the most current and most correct information available at the time of publishing. If you do happen to find a mistake or think we left some important information out, please use the “CONTACT US” page so we can update our site for the benefit of others.

Questions or Comments

If there is a topic or online course which we do not currently have data on and you wish some information on, again we ask that you send us a query on our “CONTACT US” page. Chances are if you thought of it, odds are someone else is looking for it as well.

Since this site was created back in 2009, this site is expanding quickly and our goal is to be the most respected and comprehensive site when it comes to all things involved with online education. We are constantly adding new classes and information on courses to Online Courses For You and we will continue doing just that until we have covered everything. Which is, as you probably guessed, never! So you should keep stopping by and looking at the site for updates and all the latest information and new classes and courses discovered.

We try to make sure that all graphics to include pictures and artwork of all kinds used on Online Courses For You are not copyrighted and royalty free, however if there is an image or graphic owned by you and you desire it removed, please “CONTACT US” and once your ownership is verified, the appropriate action will be taken.

Making the best use of Online Courses For You

You probably found us initially by using a search engine like Google or Yahoo however, there is also a site specific search box and if you did not find the exact information you were looking for, chances are it is covered somewhere else on our site so use that local site search and we bet you’ll find what you’re looking for.

As this site is considered a living breathing website, no page or information is ever considered complete or finished. As such we are constantly updating the information although there might be cases that the information published is no longer correct. However, at the time the article was published we did our best to ensure that the information presented was as accurate and up to date as possible.

Each article found on our site is written as accurate as possible and in an attempt to be neutral in tone all the while containing verifiable data. However, no part of this website should be used as a sole source of facts for any research.


Online Courses For You ideally is operated as a communal undertaking with a group of contributors along with user input and help. Any questions, comments, feedback, information should be directed to our “CONTACT US” page.