Accredited Online Courses for Event Planning

Enrolling in accredited online courses for event planning is the only way to ascertain your knowledge will be recognized. Many of these programs have certificates or degrees being offered. Some of these programs are known as distance education classes.

Coursework Overview

Colleges for event planning are divided into several chapters, modules or parts. They begin with an overview of the industry. This is followed by studies on hotels, venues, food, beverage, meeting space, choosing a location and decor. Other subjects are going to be about activities, transportation, working with vendors, entertainment and VIPs.

No course is complete without a review of logistics. Other major subjects are on managing materials, working with production companies and understanding the basics of audio visual. You will also find topics on types of set-up formations and integrating decor and entertainment. Students of event management get trained in working with special dietary concerns and working with space.

There are also subjects on marketing, business and organizing events. As a student you are also going to get skilled on evaluation, research and legal responsibilities. You must also study facts about event contractors.

Courses in Detail

Event planning programs will include glossary of terms, hierarchy of events, types of large-scale events and corporate events and the role of an event planner. Other preliminary subjects include how to perform a site inspection, creating a preliminary budget and preparing a client contract.

You also have to learn about a planner’s relationship with their client. Usually there are separate topics for working with hotels, event space and guest rooms. You will also learn how to negotiate contracts with hotels and venues. As a planner, you also have to consider what to search for in hotels and venues. At the same time you need to determine when a hotel is actually required.


These programs usually have live and online components. Aside from certification, you can get a hospitality management degree. After going through these classes, you will learn how to be a professional event planner. Most of these classes teach you how to prepare conference planning, weddings and special event delivery. Many of these classes may include workbooks, textbooks and various study guides.

Accredited online courses for event planning can be ascertained by checking their websites. These may be more expensive than classes without accreditation. But at least you can be certain that your studies are up to the national standards.