Accredited Online Courses for Interior Design

Accredited online courses for interior design are made especially for people who want to learn via the web. This option is also suitable for those who want to be an interior designer but can’t find a course near them.


Space planning is included in online curriculums as is CAD design (commercial and residential). A digital walkthrough is sometimes provided as well. Visualization, interior architectural systems and detailing are taught.

Computer 3D, architectural model making, theory and development of form are also mainstays in interior design programs. More advanced subjects like sacred geometry concepts, perspective and shading are imparted to students.

Building information modeling and sustainable design are two of the most popular topics in these sites. Facts, concepts and theories about design processes are outlined and then detailed. The time it takes to finish a program depends on the level.

A bachelor’s degree will take four years. This may include a specialization although not at the master’s level. However, bachelor’s degrees are far more common than master’s. They are taken up by more students.

Participants in Internet courses learn about theoretical concepts are explained in detail. 3D drawings make up a lot of the subjects. But drafting and drawing will also be part of your studies. Etiquette and practices expected from professional designers are also touched upon.


Students are allowed to study at their pace. Those who study full time may be able to finish the course in less than four years. As they are being trained, students will learn how to create their own portfolio. Aside from the courses mentioned, participants will develop skills needed for retail store design, exhibits and color theory.

Technical and practical sides are both covered extensively. Different kinds of visual media are used to facilitate online communication. Degrees are made up of specific numbers of electives and credits. General education course are also included.

Some of these online classes are free. But these do not have any certification. You will also be required to take tests to get accreditation.


Demands are always high, be it for residential homes or commercial buildings. Salaries range from $34,000 for an exhibit designer up to $45,000 for a space planner with several years experience.

Accredited online courses for interior design are available at numerous levels such as associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s. There are few if any doctoral degrees yet. Diplomas and certificates are widely available. Make sure to evaluate their credentials first.