Accredited Online Courses for Medical Billing and Coding

Accredited online courses for medical billing and coding are among the most prominent courses in cyberspace. Just like in brick and mortar universities, these websites have full features so students can study well on the Internet.


A lot of these courses begin by explaining the benefits of studying online, or distance learning. The students’ would-be roles are also explained. Basically, these coders / billers are employed to translate insurance codes, code information about patients and handle billing.

Many web courses allow for concurrent studies on medical transcription. To be qualified for the job, they must finish a two year associate program. This will be enough to get them into an entry-level job.

Coursework Features

Web based programs focus on several aspects but they will center on training how to use these codes and records correctly. The more advanced programs will cover the current issues surrounding coding and the medical industry.

These courses also make sure their students get familiar with medical terms, institutions and technology associated with the industry. They also concentrate on the procedures which are vital to the field.

Equally important are the medical office administration processes. To be an effective biller / coder, they must have a full understanding of how billing works in medical offices.

Coding methods used can change, so courses focus on the most current techniques being employed. There are also instances wherein past coding methods are compared with the present to indicate their difference. Practical training is taken along with coding so students will get the most from their studies.

ICD-9 classification is another topic covered in these Internet classes. Apart from coding, this course also allows you to be a health care info technician.


These schools require at least a high school diploma or GED. They must also have excellent understanding of English. Decent transcripts are needed.

Other Information

Apart from coding, the majority of associate’s degree programs provide additional courses. Among them are legal concepts in healthcare, human anatomy and physiology, reimbursement policies, healthcare economics and IT technology as it relates to the medical industry.

It’s understandable why there are many accredited online courses for medical billing and coding. There are a lot of healthcare institutions that need someone to handle medical bills. Those who take up this course can look forward to a good paying job. Some of your options are a medical coding and billing specialist, med office assistant and claims processor.