Accredited Online Courses for Pharmacy Technician

Accredited online courses for pharmacy technician teach you the skills needed to work in a hospital or a pharmacy. Accredited programs give you knowledge needed for entry-level work.

Coursework Overview

Students will learn the laws that cover pharmacy. They will understand the regulations be it for state-mandated or federal. Class subjects include HIPAA, its meaning, requirements and implications. Participants get trained on interpreting physician prescriptions and orders. Classes on distribution and preparation of medications are included. Web classes explain common abbreviations and terms used in pharmacology.

Those enrolled in these courses will understand medications and their effects on the human anatomy. Students gain knowledge needed to pass
the National Certification Exam.

Would-be technicians learn how to assist pharmacists. These training programs explain how to work in a hospital and what their responsibilities are. All courses will explain how to prepare, package, stock and order medications. Advanced college education is not required. Would-be techs learn how to perform most of the tasks of a pharmacist.

These websites will explain their limitations as well. For instance, they cannot dispense medication with the pharmacist checking them. Students will understand anatomy as it relates to pharmacology.

Some of these programs have hands-on, live training. But other sites have an online lab. These Internet classes have mock prescriptions which students fill up.

Requirements and Prerequisites

Most classes do not require any work experience. However, applicants have to be good typists (35 words a minute is fine). They must have basic knowledge of word processing programs. They must also have a sound understanding of English grammar and punctuation and high school level mathematics. To qualify for the national certification exam, a high school diploma or GED is necessary.

Most of these programs run on just one operating system (Windows XP, MAC OS, Linux etc). You will also need a web browser. A DSL, cable or other high speed Internet connection is recommended. Most of these sites also require Adobe Acrobat Reader and Adobe Flash Player.

Other Information

Web classes teach how pharmaceutical calculations are performed. Additional subjects include teaching how to communicate with medical professionals and patients.

Aspiring technicians will be skilled on how to collect payments and process billing insurance. Aspiring students have to check their Board of Pharmacy site for more information. They will provide the latest information regarding requirements.

Accredited online courses for pharmacy technician prepare students for national certification. Most of these programs have an instructor. Externship is provided as well.