Anatomy and Physiology Online Courses for Credit

Anatomy and physiology online courses for credit are available in many sites. They are offered by standalone websites. They are also provided by universities with web affiliates.


Physiology and anatomy are separate subjects. However, they are taken frequently together. These two subjects are often studied by students who are into biology, medicine or a health related degree.

Both subjects are staples in traditional colleges; now you can study them online. Like in traditional classes, these subjects are taught when taking degrees associated with medicine and health.


Anatomy deals with living organisms’ biological structure. Physiology deals with the functions of different biological components. In physiology, you study the functions of bones, muscles and organs. Internet lessons use different methods to present the information. Text and graphic illustrations are used throughout.

Just like in traditional classes, there are examinations and tests. Lectures are also provided. Instructors are often present in these classes. Videos accompanied by audio are used to explain key concepts. Animation is being used to give new perspectives on the human body.

Basic and Advanced Courses

Beginners’ courses offer an overview of the human body’s structure and systems. Lessons will guide you through the human body’s numerous functions. Basic courses focus on the reproductive, endocrine and vascular systems. Beginners’ levels get students familiar with the terminology used in these studies. 3D programs are often used to give a realistic view of the body.

Advanced courses center on the connection between systems and structures. At this point you will have to take up medical issues such as viruses and allergies. From here you will progress to the role and functions of each component. Advanced topics include studies about the brain, nerves and spinal cord. Exams are conducted regularly to determine your progress.


There are several ways to communicate with your instructors. Email is the most common method, but messaging boards, web cameras and discussions forums are also utilized.

Free Courses

These can be found all over the web. Aside from being free, there is no schedule to follow. You can study them any time. However, these tutorials do not earn credit. There are no instructors or tests given. These are useful only if you want general knowledge of anatomy and physiology. But if you want credit earning courses online, enrollment is necessary.

Anatomy and physiology online courses for credit work in different ways. Check with your school about the rules on credit transfer.