Best Online Courses for Medical Billing

The best online courses for medical billing are those that meet your requirements. It is not enough to find a cheap study program; you must make sure that the class is comprehensive.

Coursework Overview

These medical billing courses are divided into several lessons. At the start, you will learn about medical claims processing fundamentals, insurance terminology and types of medical insurance. There are also subjects on policies and legal issues that surround the industry. There is also a course specifically focusing on a biller’s responsibilities.

Other subjects are about diagnostic coding (ICD-9-CM Coding), types of forms and documents used in billing and how to store patient information. The latter is an important subject and may include several sub-disciplines. As a biller, your duty will include learning how to function with insurance firms and gather payment.

Other Areas of Study

Universities with medical billing programs also focus on topics such as place of service codes, procedural coding (CPT Coding) and electronic claims and computers. There are also subjects on the Medi-Cal / Medicaid billing and HCPCS coding.

You also have to study subjects such as worker’s compensation, ambulance transport, durable medical equipment and specialty billing. Other subjects that you may have to study are HMO’s and managed card, collection procedures, claims appeals and reviews. There are also subjects on explanation of benefits, payment practices, claims monitoring and tracking and insurance claim form.


Legitimate websites have federal financial assistance to qualified students. They also offer career planning, graduate services, dedicated faculty & staff and benefits for veterans and military personnel. Not all of these features are present in college websites. That is why it is important that you go through their features.

Many of these schools offer coding studies too. In fact you can graduate as a coder and biller. There are still sites which offer standalone billing programs. Whether you choose a billing / coding or just a billing program is up to you.

Other Information

These colleges can take less than a year to complete. At the end of the course you will be better prepared to take the state exam. Aside from those topics, subjects like CPT, ICD-9-CM, HCPCS, HIPAA – medical, dental, coding, and relevant regulations. As an online student, you can avail of flexible hours, advancement opportunities and many others.

Since every website will claim they have the best online courses for medical billing, it is important that you go through their features thoroughly.