CE Online Courses for Insurance

Continuing education or CE online courses for insurance provide students plenty of opportunities to hone their knowledge. The industry is always evolving, so staying up to date is necessary for anyone who works in it. The Internet has made this easier to do.


Many of these programs do not just provide CE but also degrees that can help you get started in the industry. Apart from insurance basics, these online schools also provide detailed information about risk management. There are also specific sections dealing with marketing and selling strategies.

There are also sections which center on laws and regulations that affect the business. There are also websites which have pre-licensing elements. Many of them are affiliated with universities and colleges.


Before you join any of these Internet programs, make sure that you meet their requirements. Some of these sites may accept only limited number of students. Some of these sites also require students to finish specific number of credit hours of undergraduate work. You may also have to complete a course in accounting, economics or a related course.

Contents and Features

Different kinds of specialization can be studied online. Some courses may focus on a single subject like life insurance. Others will cover different subjects including commercial insurance health insurance and those for vehicles as well. Related topics like financial management and risks are also assessed.

Some web programs also offer master’s degrees. However you need to show undergraduate and Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) scores.


Some Internet based schools have internships and other types of on-site work. This is necessary for them to get more experience. Some programs have career fairs which help participants especially if they are looking for job opportunities. Internships usually take 12 months to finish.

Other Information

Various topics are covered in these courses. Among the most important subjects are estimation of value, risks analysis, property insurance and making financial assessments.

Students must also learn about insurance agency procedures. They will also be kept updated on regulations that affect insurance companies. Participants must also become familiar with insurance contracts.

Other topics which are discussed are benefit packages given by companies. Several other topics may be covered. Special areas of studies for insurance brokers, agents, reps and adjusters may be available.

Some CE online courses for insurance are sometimes affiliated with seminars. Here subjects like liability insurance and property are discussed in detail.