Childcare Training Online Courses for Free

Childcare training online courses for free can be the perfect launching pad for would-be child care providers who want to work in daycare centers. These free sites can also provide useful information for parents or soon-to-be parents.


These sites give you the information you need without incurring extra expenses. For students, these become tools needed to prepare them for state or local licensing exams. Because the course is available on the web, you can study at a pace you are comfortable with.

Course Subjects

These encompass the numerous biological and social factors that influence the development of a child. Some of the topics are behavior guidance, taking care of children with special needs and understanding proper nutrition.

These lessons are usually displayed using presentations, video lectures, clips, text and images. There are also narrated and interactive lessons available. Some of these courses are instructor free; you can study them on your own. Others have instructors online.

Usually they can be reached by email or in the chat room. The majority of these courses do not earn credit. But some of them do meet the national and state requirements needed for training.

One of the major subjects taught in these classes is running a daycare center. Some of these courses specialize in starting up your own business for child caring. Other topics discussed online are setting up goals and understanding procedures. Child educational standards are part and parcel of these lessons.

Certificate Programs Online

These are usually available for free or at very little expense. Most of them are provided as adult continuing education programs or as university extensions. They offer a variety of courses including child health and safety and rearing.

Some sites allow you to select which course to study. Others require you to study all the course subjects and in a precise order. After the course is completed, the certificate will be awarded to you. However, almost all of them are self-paced.

Other Information

Many other subjects are taught in these classes; among them are family dynamics, foundations of child development, early childhood education, language and social development and physical and cognitive development. These Internet sites also have instructions for emergency planning, identifying and reporting child abuse.

Both pay and childcare training online courses for free often require high speed Internet connection. This is necessary for downloading / viewing videos. You will also need to download specific types of software.