Equine Online Courses for Free

Equine online courses for free help you understand how professionals take care of horses. These programs also explain how these animals are best managed.


These free training programs give you flexibility. You can set up the schedule so you don’t have to cut down on your schedule and obligations.


Classes train their applicants in every aspect of horse science. The major subjects are horse safety, nutrition and health. Skills development help you learn how to care for the horse and the rider. Those who take these free degrees will learn about the horse surface anatomy, palpating bony landmarks and the skeletal system.

Study of the horse muscular system is also a part of these lessons. Courses for beginners will focus on veterinary terminology and vocabulary. General education subjects are also required. Once the basic subjects have been covered, you have to study equine training, equine selection, diseases, genetics and breeding.

Management and training can both be studied or just one of them. Aside from facility management, marketing has to be covered too. Even though these classes are free, it is best to go through the options in order. This will make the course easier to understand.

Degrees and Cost

These resources also let you know what types of degrees are available in universities. You can then check those sites out and get a chance to see their offerings. This will also give you an opportunity to determine the cost of each program. However, they offer financial aid to its students, grants and scholarships. Note: free courses do not earn credits. Credits are used for working your way to a degree.


Some of these equine studies are designed like ordinary websites. A user just has to go to the site. They will see the course contents and can click on the relevant links. Other courses are more formal. You have to sign an application form. Afterwards the materials will be shipped to you. Or you will be given a username and password to access the site.

Other Information

These free courses also have subjects about the legal aspects of horse management. Participants will find out how to manage and supervise stables. All the facts about equine rescue and safety are covered in these classes.

When looking for equine online courses for free, read the fine print. Some may charge administration fees. There may be other expenses that come with shipping the study materials or certificates.