Free Online Courses for Business Analyst

Free online courses for business analyst enable anyone to become versed in the subject. Although there are tuition based courses on the web, these free resources offer high quality topics too.


Business management and analysis is a vast subject. These programs are detailed and cover several topics. Among them are project management, quality and the business analyst, Object-oriented modeling, value stream mapping, flowcharting and roles and responsibilities of various team members.

By the time you finish the course, you will learn how to prepare employee skills inventory, RACI charts, resources needed worksheets, business objectives template format and many others.
Other subjects include defining business assessments, developing business competency and assessing opportunities beyond the project level.

You will also discover how to use ongoing evaluative techniques, mechanics of analysis, and assessing stakeholder agreement and conflict. Advanced subjects concentrate on realizing proposed benefits, outlining industry standards and addressing common challenges.

Other Subjects

An aspiring analyst will develop skills to change control process and assess documents. They will learn to elicit stakeholder requirements and study guiding principles. You will be trained in choosing the right approach for analysis assumptions and evaluating quantitative project costs.

There are also subjects on how to prepare rigorous feasibility studies, paired comparison analysis and prioritization matrices. Students will also learn how to find solutions to problems. There are also topics on how to establish a communication plan.

Free courses are self-paced and designed for novices. Beginners’ courses offer text explanations for each subject. Exercises are available to make these the lessons easier to understand. Animation and video are used. Graphics are also used to illustrate various situations. Various scenarios are laid out so aspiring businessmen will comprehend lessons easily.

Other Information

These programs sometimes have quizzes and multiple choice slides. Students should take them so they can track their own progress. Forums and discussions are used for posting questions. Assignments can be accessed directly or downloaded. These sites have links to other resources.


Most of these sites use Word and Excel, so you need to have these programs installed on your computer. This will allow you to work with worksheet and document templates. Some of them also use PowerPoint presentation slides.

Free online courses for business analyst usually do not offer a certificate of completion. If they do, there is likely to be a small fee. If you just need to brush up on your business assessment skills, these free programs will be more than enough.