Free Online Courses for Computers

Free online courses for computers are very common, so deciding which one to take up can be difficult. The simplest way is to determine what kind of training you require.

Choosing an Online Course

What do you want to study? Is it word processing, spreadsheet or making presentations? Is your study for personal advancement or required in your job? If you need formal training, free courses may not be sufficient; they usually don’t offer certificates of completion. But if that isn’t an issue, these resources will be enough.

Available Courses

Computer study programs may be divided into two types: hardware and software. Hardware courses explain the various components that make up a computer. You will learn facts about monitors, hard disks, CD and DVD drives, mouse, motherboards etc. These courses also explain the various peripherals linked to a computer. These include printers, scanners, USB devices and so on.

Software Courses

These classes will teach you about the programs that you use in a computer. Categories include word processors, spreadsheets, photo editing programs, presentations and so on. Web browsers may also be included here. However, tutorials usually classify them into Internet and web training. In this course you will learn how the web works.

There are also subjects about email, social networks, viruses, and so on. Other courses can teach you different computer programming languages, multimedia, video game design and operating systems. You don’t need to study all these courses. You just have to get the one that interests you.

Training Formats on the Internet

The most basic sites consist of reading materials, graphics and links to other resources. Others use video. You will see an instructor explaining the topic. Some of these sites use a simulated setting via their online platform.

Other Information

You must have those programs installed. Otherwise you will have a difficult time understanding the lessons. You can study these lessons in any order. For new computer users, it is best to start with topics about their operating system. Knowing how this systems work is essential to increase productivity.

Increased understanding of the Internet is necessary. It is now used for research in many offices. Many websites teach you how to use specific web browsers.

Free online courses for computers are extremely valuable resources. For a newbie, these studies can teach you everything you need to know. Even veterans can use these resources to learn about new systems and programs.