Free Online Courses for EMT

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Free online courses for EMT are intended for anyone who wants to know how to react to emergency situations. Even if you are not an EMT it pays to know how they perform their duties.


There are many kinds of Internet programs but the end goal is the same: how to properly respond to an emergency situation. These online materials describe how an EMT should evaluate the condition of the patient. They must assess the environment and any effects it has on the patient.

These courses also describe how to provide emergency care. Part of the lesson is showing how to carefully transport a victim to the nearest hospital or clinic. Various other technical skills are also explained to the participants.

Online Programs

These web based programs are designed like virtual classrooms. Most of these courses also provide information about various types of medical equipment. The legitimate ones provide certification at different levels like paramedic, intermediate and basic.

The basic levels give information about first aid. They are also given instructions on how to take care of patients at the scene of an accident. Web courses also concentrate on treating different medical conditions. Among them are cardiac, trauma and respiratory conditions.

Intermediate Level Training

These courses provide more advanced training for students. This typically includes working at a medical facility near you. Sometimes this is done at a community college. When you are looking for an online program for med technicians, make sure that it is accredited. Whether it is free or tuition based, they should meet the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) standards.


These online programs are ideal for people who are trying to balance professional and personal requirements with those of college classes. Another advantage is that students can study at the pace they are comfortable with. Most of these programs use reading materials. Some of them utilize video clips, graphics and podcasts.


Anyone who wants to be an EMT will have to pass a practical and written exam. This is governed by the NREMT or state licensing agency. Every state in the United States requires an EMT to be licensed. The states may have different kinds of examinations and tests.

Free online courses for EMT provide valuable information for anyone who wants to work in this field. Even those who are EMTs will benefit from the data that is provided on the web.