Free Online Courses for GED Testing

Your boss tells you that you were supposed to be up for a promotion but the management found out that you didn’t finish your high school education. Without at least a HS diploma, they can’t consider you for the position.

A friend wants to go to college to earn a Bachelor’s Degree but he didn’t stay in high school long enough to graduate and get his diploma. He knows he will not be accepted in any college or university without a high school diploma.

How to Earn Your HS Diploma

Fortunately, you don’t have to go back to school to take up all the classes you missed so you can graduate and finally earn your HS diploma. There is a better alternative and it is equivalent to a high school diploma.

This is what is known as the GED Certificate-Diploma. When you receive your GED Certificate, it’s as if you also graduated high school with the rest of your class and earned your diploma.

With your GED Certificate in tow, you can now apply for college admission or you can finally show your boss that you have a high school diploma so you can be considered once again for the promotion.

GED Prep: Free Online Courses for GED Testing

To earn your GED Certificate, you first pass the GED Test. Briefly, GED Test consists of a series of tests to determine how much you still know of what has been taught to you in high school.

The areas covered by the test and the questions contained therein were all designed to gauge your understanding of the core subjects in school. The 5 areas covered are: Language Arts, Writing; Language Arts, Reading; Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics.

There are several ways to prepare for the GED Test. First, you can check out free online courses for GED testing.

These are usually offered in the form of tests rather than actual review courses. The tests are not so much as a simulation of the actual GED Test but more of review tests to give you an idea of how much you still remember of your HS subjects.

By gauging how much or how little you still know, you will have an idea of the kind of review courses and prep guides you need to help you pass your GED Test; whether you just need a refresher course or you need a more intensive review course.

It is not recommended that you take a crash course on your GED preparation as passing all the tests included in the GED Test will make or break your hopes of getting into college or finally getting that promotion.

If you need more help with one or all of the core subjects covered in the GED Test, it is recommended that you utilize both free and paid online prep courses for you GED Test.