Free Online Courses for Graphic Design

Free online courses for graphic design are utilized by students to boost their knowledge. If you have not yet enrolled, going through these materials may help.

Coursework Overview

Graphics design schools have core subjects. If you study free websites, you will find these topics consist of brainstorming ideas and thought, color theory, design principles and drawing.

You can also study subjects such as 20th century design and culture, sustainable design, research interactive systems and creating major projects. The business side of graphics designing is included as well as visual communication, industry experience and many others.

Additional Details

Universities with graphics design programs include other topics such as an advanced retouching, photo manipulation, photojournalism, photography essentials and constructing prototypes. Exhibition design, graphic construction and fashion merchandise are also taught.

You will also learn about advanced motion graphics, 3D lighting and texturing, digital video and audio, animation, programming and illustration.

There are other subjects that can be studied. Among them are multimedia, understanding the principles and theory of graphic design, shape, spacing, and rhythm. There are also topics concerning imagery, proper use of fonts and typefaces. You will also learn creative applications, conceptual problem solving and the design process. Advanced studies are also available.

You will also learn about design flow and putting together a portfolio. These websites also learn what kinds of other media can be used. Some of these websites only focus on specific types such as 3D or 2D illustration. Graphics communications is also included in most sites.


These websites have several features. They usually use videos, audio, animation and assorted files. Before you take any of these courses, make sure that you have the proper software installed. You need to choose the right version too. Your system must also meet the requirements stated. Without it, you will not be able to play videos or download the necessary files.

Other Information

Many of the topics featured are similar to those offered in bachelor’s and associate’s degree levels. These websites also teach you how to use graphics for communicating. Other topics include preparing visual solutions. You will also learn about software programs, using electronic media and how to implement these illustrations properly.

Free online courses for graphic design are self study programs. There are no tutors available. You will find few that offer certifications or degrees. But the information you get there can help when you do decide to enroll.