Free Online Courses for Human Resources

Free online courses for human resources have proven to be beneficial to many. Although they are free, the quality of information they provide is equal to some fee based courses.

Coursework Overview

Human resources (HR) studies are ideal for companies, both large and small. Staff trained in HR will learn how to aid in personnel hiring. Course subjects include arranging benefits packages and fixing conflicts that may occur.

Core courses will focus on HR. But general education and business courses are taken up as well. This includes accounting principles, business concepts and effective communication. Benefits, compensation and workforce diversity are studied too.


Lessons in these sites are delivered in virtual classrooms. These websites usually develop their own unique interface. Components include email, forums, videos, webcast, webinars and lectures. Aspiring students can also take up personnel management, business ethics and behavior of people in the workplace. Database management is one of the most common subjects taught. The proper steps for recruiting employees are outlined.


Students have the opportunity to study at home. Most of these sites have flexible schedules. You have the option to study different degrees. There are online programs with associate of arts in business administration with a human resources concentration. Most of these degrees can be completed on the web.

The time it takes to finish these courses differ. The subjects will be made up of specialization-specific and core classes. Business fundamentals, marketing and sales are integrated into the curriculum.

Other Information

HR courses have different features. Companies should determine the needs of their staff first. You can choose to specialize in one subject. Or you can study all the topics given. HR management degrees can be obtained on the web. This is suitable for professionals who want to enhance their ability.

There are associate of science degree that offer HR as their main concentration. There are also courses that focus on HR for the 21st century. These subjects explore the strategies that should be used during this time.

HR courses are not limited to the subjects stated. Base courses will focus on computer basics, using the Internet and word processing. The number of specializations offered varies. The most common topics are legal studies, human capital management and labor relations. The latter subject trains you to maintain a good relationship with employees. Industrial relations and general HR studies are also included.

Free online courses for human resources have different design implementations. Although the information they provide is accurate, credits cannot be earned.