Free Online Courses for HVAC

Free online courses for HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) are presented in different ways. These are in technology, design systems and engineering. They are offered via bachelor’s and associate‚Äôs degrees. These free programs provide detailed information about the topics.


The purpose of these programs is to help students understand facts about the various systems. There are also certificate programs available. These online courses also teach them facts about making blueprints. The purpose of all these is to help students make a structure as energy efficient as possible.

System Design

In this course, the students will uncover the fundamentals of air conditioning design, ventilation and heating. The design element encompasses new technology including direct digital controls systems.

After finishing the course, the technicians will be able to handle air volume systems, air conditioning, water and heat. These courses also point out flaws in systems and the best possible practices.

Computer Graphics

This type of free course shows how CAD (computer aided design) and drafting help in the construction of an HVAC system. This course stresses the integration of architectural practices into designs. They also study software which helps students visualize the appearance of the structure.

Energy Systems Engineering Audit Analysis

This is usually not a free course and is not applicable because students have to see how old structures used HVAC systems in the past.

Advanced System Design

This type of course combines every course to make blueprints. Some of them include learning how refrigerators are made. They will also assess the various types of air conditioning systems in industrial, residential and commercial establishments. Being able to identify these are necessary. In a lot of cases, participants will discover how to build these systems.

Other Information

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Both free and pay courses instruct students about the basics of electricity and the hazards involved with the job. A lot of these jobs also focus on heating systems and many others. The set up of these courses vary. However, the more advanced ones will almost certainly require an internship.

Job Prospects

After the student graduates, they can work with building designers, project managers and construction teams. The job is in demand so you can expect to make a decent salary. Their importance in the building industry is the reason why there are plenty of job opportunities.

Free online courses for HVAC are numerous, but the quality is not the same. Be certain they meet your needs and requirements.