Free Online Courses for Journalism

Being a journalist is not a job that every writer can do. It takes more than just good grammar and excellent writing skills to make a great journalist.

A journalist has to have the skills to recognize newsworthy leads, be able to follow through on these leads and then turn them into a great story.

If you have a nose for newsworthy scoops and you want to turn this talent into a fulfilling career – one where you get to do what you love the most and then get paid for it – then you should definitely explore the possibility of becoming a journalist.

Free Online Courses for Journalism

If you do not have a degree in Journalism or any media-related course, you can still become a journalist through self-study. You also do not have to enroll in paid classes right away, if you do not have the means to do so at the moment.

You can start with free online courses for Journalism and there are dozens of them ready for immediate access no matter where you are and no matter what time.

You might be surprised at just how comprehensive some of these free online courses are and what this means for you is that you can totally learn how to become a professional journalist without having to pay for a full college degree!

Overview of Free Online Courses for Journalism

Arguably the most popular free online course provider today is the Open CourseWare site of MIT.

Documentary Photography and Photo Journalism: Still Images of a World in Motion is a free online course from MIT’s OCW site that provides individuals with helpful tips on how to tell a story through photos.

The course will show you some of the best works of the world’s most respected photojournalists and these can provide you with a better look at how great pictures are captured and captioned as well as how the stories of the photos are documented in well-written articles.

As part of your journalism training, you will be tasked to come up with about 4 photo stories each worth between seven hundred and fifty and one thousand words.

Various journalism subjects are also discussed in other free online courses for Journalism.

For instance, if you wish to concentrate on food writing, there is a free course that corresponds to this topic. If it’s travel you want to write about or Science and Technology, celebrities or politics; there are also quite a few free courses on the internet that take on each of these topics.