Free Online Courses for Medical Assistant

Free online courses for medical assistant may not have credit, but they provide a lot of important information. If you are thinking of enrolling in one of these programs, these resources will come in handy.


These programs will teach you about the various duties of a med assistant. These free programs explain what assistants do after graduation. Assignments in these courses develop the skills necessary to excel in the field.

Coursework Features

The courses in these classes explain what a student has to do after graduating. There will also be information about the certified medical assistant exam that graduates have to take. The information here will prove useful for those who want to get the most of this course.

The coursework will explain what degrees you can take. Several topics may be studied such as coding, disease identification and medical terminology. Med assistants will also learn about office management and what their duties are going to be. Pharmacology is featured in almost all sites. Physiology and anatomy are separate subjects but almost always taken together.

There will also be information about documenting patient records and other related tasks. These resources will explain how these assistants draw blood and determine the vital signs of a patient. There will be pictures and illustrations explaining various medical tools and equipment.

Additional Subjects

Other courses that may be taken are radiography and lab procedures. Free programs do not allow you to take actual lab experiments. But you will learn what kind of clinical training is required of you.

These free programs can be studied in any order. There is no schedule. Unlike formal programs you can go over each section and sort them out.

There are several topics that can be studied, such as medical transcription and issues surrounding the medical industry. Some of these courses have video and audio. With a compatible browser, you will be able to access these files.

Other Information

While informative, free courses have limitations. As stated, their lack of credit is a major limitation. There is no internship either. This is something that you have to consider. Clinical training is required to be a licensed practitioner. Some of these classes have links to other resources that you can use. This can be used for further study and research.

Free online courses for medical assistant are available in many forms. You just need to be certain the contents are up to date.