Free Online Courses for Medical Assistants

Free online courses for medical assistants help students get ready for studying or working in the field. By examining these courses, you will be better prepared for life in the medical industry.


Some of these courses give people the opportunity to explore the various duties they will be asked to do. This will help not just graduates but those who are going to take tuition based courses. These free programs explain what aspects are going to be studied online.

Different types of office and clinical skills will also be explored. There are prep courses which prepare them for the Certified Medical Assistant exam. They can also take part in the Registered Medical Assistant exam. Note: this exam is for the US only. The examination in other countries will be different.

Other Features of Online Courses

There are several topics and subjects that you will come across. Medical insurance, medical transcription, coding and office management. There will also be studies concerning pharmacology and related calculations. Specialized courses may also be studied depending on what area the student wants to explore.

Free courses will also detail the basic medical duties med assistants have to perform. Different types of medical equipment are studied. Knowing how to use them will be necessary so they can be of assistance to their superiors.

Drawing blood and taking vital signs are two areas covered in these courses as well. Those who take up these online courses will also understand how to document a patient’s history.

In tuition based sites, there will be an examination and externship in a healthcare institution. Not all free sites encompass credits like accredited tuition based sites.

Other Information

Students can also take up human anatomy, radiography and different types of clinical procedures. These programs explain how to get the required degrees. In many cases students have to take up theories of clinical practice and related terminology.

These Internet courses also detail what you can expect from them. There are also plenty of websites that feature user submitted content. There you will see how students perform various clinical duties. This gives you a bird’s eye view of what to do in these institutions.

Free online courses for medical assistants consist mostly of reading materials. But there are some which use video and other multimedia elements. Since there are many free sites, it is a good idea to examine each site. This is to ensure that you are studying an updated site.