Free Online Courses for Medical Coding

Free online courses for medical coding are available on the Internet. There are several features that come with these programs. Their quality is almost as high as formal education programs.

Coursework Overview

VA Nurse Accessing Electronic Medical Records

VA Nurse Accessing Electronic Medical Records (Photo credit: MC4 Army)

Study programs focus on health information or medical records. Participants will learn how to store patient information and handle them. These free courses explain facts about health information technology, diploma programs and bachelor’s degree and associate’s degrees.

These courses will explain facts like reimbursement, filing and completing insurance claims and inpatient and outpatient coding. Assignments will focus on these topics.

There are several topics and courses covered in these sites. Aside from coding, you will also learn about medical terminology, physiology and anatomy. These courses emphasize coding and billing. Participants will learn about basic office procedures.

The majority of these courses will explain medical retention. These free study programs explain how to maintain health records and work on an entry level position. There are many other subjects that are available.

Additional Features

Most free sites focus on basic facts. But there are also intricate concepts explained. These concepts include billing claims, reimbursement and dealing with insurance. They will also explain the requirements needed to get an associate’s degree.

The majority of these classes focus on general medical records functions and the role of a supervisor. There are also topics that center on health information management managerial work.

These topics may seem to go beyond the scope of medical coders. But this knowledge helps students who may be called to do additional work.


Free courses rarely require registration. There is no need to enroll or pay a fee of course. However you need to have a high-speed web connection. This is necessary for downloading study materials.

A reliable Internet connection is necessary if you will be required to be online while studying. Some programs may require specific browsers. Some programs also use Word or Adobe Reader. Also check if the course requires microphones or other peripherals.

Other Information

Some of these courses have a formal structure just like a tuition based site. However, few of them have a teacher. Although free programs explain degrees, diplomas and certifications, they are not given. But they will be able to explain what it is about.

Free online courses for medical coding are being used by a lot of students. But if you want to be a professional coder, accreditation from a formal training program is necessary.