Free Online Courses for Military Spouses

Free online courses for military spouses are designed to make it easy for them to further their education. Because these programs are free, spouses don’t have to worry about their budget.


Aside from being free, these courses can be taken anywhere there is an Internet connection. Studying in a traditional class is difficult because they have to relocate frequently. Internet courses allow them to finish multi-year courses. An online training program is more convenient.


There are several subjects that are being offered. There are free courses on technology industry, meeting and event planning, human resources, hospitality, health care and financial services. There are also subjects on educational services, construction, IT technology, business and many more.

These programs can be accessed on the web. Some sites offer just a few of these degrees. Other study programs offer as many as two dozen or more. There are sites which allow you to take them on a course by course manner.

Some free study programs are not entirely free. They are actually free previews. To access the rest of the course you must pay a fee. However, they are usually low for military personnel and their spouses. A few classes require the use of textbooks or CDs. These do not have to be purchased by the user.

They are usually provided by the site and shipped. This feature is most common in low tuition sites. Free study programs rarely have this feature. Some of these programs use software or a study platform. These are also free.


This varies from school to school. Some classes are open for everyone. Others are open for scholars. This means applicants must have a good academic record. However, all of them allow the study materials to be taken online. They also don’t offer limits in terms of geography.

Some free classes do require a minimum GPA, but others do not. Most of these classes will require applicants to have a high school diploma or GED. The majority of these sites recommend that applicants be versed in English and math.

Other Information

If you cannot find free online courses for military spouses, there are some schools that offer discounts. There are some programs that offer price cuts of up to a thousand dollars. Before signing on, take a look around and compare the prices.

To avail of this, you must present the proper documentation. You must present proof that you are the spouse of an active military person.