Free Online Courses for Nurses in UK

Free online courses for nurses in UK can be used by students to keep themselves updated on the latest developments in nursing and the health care industry. Even though they are free, the quality is still high.


Basic subjects cover issues like reaction to stress and hospitalization, communication skills and basic human needs. The principles of health are explored too. You will also find topics on environmental health and the practical nurse, active and passive range of motion exercise.

Also online are handling of adult and child patients and principles of patient hygiene. There are also classes explaining factors that affect nursing care. Body mechanic techniques and the adult patient care unit are also covered in these courses.

Many of the discussions in tuition based programs can be found on free sites. Among them are physical assessment, diet therapy, and monitoring vital signs. You can also find information about catheterization procedures, specimen collection and ways to assist in physical exams. Additional subjects may be taken up such as being a team leader, fighting job induced stress, preoperative patient care and many others.


A lot of these free programs offer an overview of nursing life in Britain. Aside from the information stated, you will understand how to improve your relationship with coworkers and patients. You will also come across subjects like getting ready for surgical and diagnostic procedures. There are also concepts and theories taught in free sites.


Aside from reading materials, you will find that many of them are now using webinars or webcasts. This is becoming commonplace even in free nursing programs. By being connected on the Internet you can view these live broadcasts.

You will see and hear professional nurses and instructors give their lectures. Some of the videos are recorded. This means you can view them anytime. Most can be played directly on the web. But others can be downloaded for offline use. Most of the study materials are available 24/7.

Other Information

Most free websites have no instructors. You have to go through the lessons alone. But you can use forums to interact with other nursing students. These discussion boards can give you a lot of insights about working in the UK.

Free online courses for nurses in UK are just like those in other countries. The difference is that the topics will focus on local issues. This is important especially when studying topics like job outlook, salaries and laws.