Free Online Courses for OSHA

Free online courses for OSHA can prevent forklift-related injuries from occurring. By using these free tutorials, accidents in the workplace can be reduced at no cost.


These programs consist of reading materials and video. Their contents explain the nature of forklift accidents. These resources can be used at home. You just play the video and listen to the lessons. Some of these classes can be used in classrooms as well. These training resources also cover the various types of lift trucks in the market.

These courses go over the specifications of these machines. You will learn maintenance, recharging and refueling. You will also discover how they operate. Safety precautions are included as well. Internet courses give information required for live training. Certificates are given after live training to those who pass.

Online classes usually consist of several videos. One video may focus on forklift types; another will focus on safety maintenance, another on regulations and so on. Illustrations and graphics are often included. They depict the way a fork lift works. These classes include how to use gauges. These courses also explain how to use a hydraulic lift.


Study programs are divided into numerous modules. Quizzes are included in these sites. This is used to get students ready for the job. Once they get the answers right, they can move on to the next level. They won’t be allowed to move forward until they have answered all the questions. Students can take up these quizzes and exams repeatedly.

Refresher Courses

This course has to be taken by an operator if they have been involved in an accident. They are also required for operators who have had a “close call”. These studies are necessary for operators who have received unfavorable assessments.

Operators should focus on resources that are applicable. If you are going to use a new truck, additional training will be necessary.

Other Information

Regardless of the lessons, safety precautions are going to be the centerpiece. Anyone who wants to work in this business should watch as many of these videos as possible. This will make them more familiar with controls and maintenance. Some training programs offer practical training. Demos are also included. Formal training and performance assessments are also provided.

Free online courses for OSHA are available in several websites. There are OSHA tuition based sites. But for the most part, these free courses will provide the information necessary for the job.