Free Online Courses for Social Workers

Free online courses for social workers get students ready to work in the field. Whether you are enrolled in a college or not, the information in these sites can help you a great deal. For professionals, these free resources can supplement their work.

Coursework Overview

These free websites cover different aspects of social welfare. Subjects like being an organizer, administrator or a practitioner in the clinical field. Along with social work colleges, these programs cover different types of disciplines. The courses include philosophy, sociology and psychology. The latter subjects are necessary to deal with racism and poverty.

Other courses that have to be studied are economics, sociology, biology and political science. These can be studied in free sites as well. These websites have features on psychosocial interaction in children. There are also subjects on career guidance, family systems and policies on different levels. You can choose to study different types of subjects in any order. In formal study classes, topics have to be studied in order.

Clinical Training

In universities, aspiring social workers have to undergo clinical training for several hundred hours. This is usually not available in free website courses. Some of these free programs give you an idea of the requirements in a master’s degree. A master’s degree is not required, but it can make a difference in terms of salary. Specific numbers of credits are required in these programs. Clinical training prepares students to get ready to work on several cases.


Free websites do not have any prerequisites. To work in the field though, you need to enroll in a university for social work. You must have a bachelor’s degree. Those with a degree in social work are preferred. But those with degrees in policy-making or psychology or law will also be accepted.

Other Information

Standard undergraduate programs take four years to complete. Free programs have no time limits for studies. But these sites will also get you ready to work in urban and rural areas. You will also understand facts about social policy.

Those who want to study social work have to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). GRE scores are reviewed in master’s degree programs. Other documents and transcripts are going to be required.

Free online courses for social workers are not the same as continuing education courses. Those earn credits which can be used for license renewal. These free programs are used for personal knowledge.