Free Online Courses for Unemployed

Taking free online courses for unemployed is one of the ways to enhance your skills. This in turn will make it easier for you to find a job. The following are some of the ways you can avail of these training programs.


Libraries are useful resources for adult learners.

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Internet training programs are extremely varied. There are literacy classes available for those who need to sharpen their skills in this department. If you are in need of adult education, there are several web courses available for free. Various topics are covered, so you can focus on the subjects you need to improve on.

These classes cover the basics, so you can start from the bottom and work your way up. If you know the basics and want to continue your education, advanced subjects are also available on the Internet.

Contents and Features

The majority of these Internet training programs can be studied fully online. But there are also hybrid sites; those that require on campus visits and lessons.

Others are linked to vocational training. The data provided on these sites vary. Many are comprised of readings, but several free sites now use video and audio. Others make use of animations when explaining various concepts. You will need a fast Internet connection though.

Some of these course materials also use the PDF format, so you need to download the appropriate reader first.

Note: rarely will free sites require you to do on-campus work. But if it is required, think about it carefully. It may end up costing you more because of the transport costs.

Employment Counselor

If you are still uncertain how to approach these courses, you should get in touch with your employment counselor. You can ask them for advice on how to proceed. They can point you to the right websites and also provide recommendations.


Before trying out these courses, ask yourself some questions. What exactly do you want to do? Consider your work history and specialty. These will have an effect on your job prospects. If possible, stick with Internet courses you are familiar with.

This will require less work. Re-training or orienting towards a whole new job will take more time. However, there are free programs online to get you ready for various kinds of jobs.

The importance of Internet education can be seen by the number of free online courses for unemployed that are cropping up. You should take advantage of this opportunity and expand your career outlook.