Free Online Courses for Web Design

With free online courses for web design, you will be able to create sophisticated looking websites. From the comforts of home you’ll learn how to put together a fully functional site.

What is Available?

There are thousands of websites offering free tutorials for creating web pages. Some sites are aimed at beginners. Other websites are for advanced users who want to spruce up their sites. Some of these Internet courses are for both.

You will find sites that cover every aspect of web page creation. Everything from basic HTML coding to implementing ActiveX controls are explained. Other sites focus on specific subjects like JavaScript, MySQL extensions and CSS.

Content and Presentation

These classes are delivered exclusively online. As long as you have Internet access, the course can be accessed. Most of the lessons consist of reading materials and examples of HTML, CSS or whatever the lesson is. Sites that offer JavaScript and similar programs have codes. These can be placed in your site so there is no need to start from scratch.

Videos and animation are being used as well. This can be very valuable when studying complex lessons. Other topics covered in online sites are e-commerce, web security and dynamic websites. PHP basics and programming are covered as well.

If you are more into drawing, take a course in web graphics design. Free courses on web publishing are also available online. In some classes, live mentors are provided. But this feature is more often found in tuition based courses. But free courses have links to other sources that can help. You can also go to forums and make inquiries.

Other Information

Some programs are not entirely free. Some websites offer “free” previews of their lessons; the rest is subscription based. However, there are sites which are totally free. You can find this out with a quick look at the site. Course lengths vary depending on the subjects covered. Expect a course to take several hours if you study typography and layout.

Web technologies are always evolving. You should continue studying to make your website dynamic. Don’t forget to test your site once it is built. Make sure that it is compatible with all the popular web browsers.

Free online courses for web design are perfect for people who want to harness the power of the Internet to market their products. Because they’re free, you don’t have to worry about incurring any costs.