Free Summer Online Courses for High School Students

Free summer online courses for high school students are not just for underperformers. They can also be used by those who want to expand their knowledge. These Internet programs make them easier to study.


Online summer programs cover several aspects. Topics range from basic, common subjects to other topics. Students can take up English, math, science and social studies. There are also courses on foreign languages, the arts and playing musical instruments.
These courses can be very detailed. You can focus on English literature and improving writing skills.

There are several sites which improve your vocabulary and reading comprehension. Summer programs for math include geometry and algebra. You can take college level math subjects too. There are also subjects on trigonometry, calculus and other advanced subjects.

There are advanced science courses too. These include physics, biology and chemistry. Online social studies give you the opportunity to comprehend world and local issues. The Internet allows you to focus on the history and culture that affects certain events. Most students take up world history, US history and geography. Foreign language courses are also available.

There are also courses for the arts. In online classes, it means 3D, 2D and animation. Other courses such as drama and dance have to be taken in a live class. But theoretical concepts may be studied online.

Choosing a Summer Program

These Internet study programs help students harness their talent or interest in the sciences and humanities. For instance, there are web classes that focus on theater, music, dance, animation visual arts or writing. There are also courses where you can pursue creative writing, video and film. Technology has made it easier for students to study.


Internet courses use graphics and video to make the lessons interactive. Animation will be used as well. Assignments are submitted over the web. Instructors are provided for students. Formal summer classes include live classes. These are used to supplement education online. This is rare for free courses though.

Other Information

Most if not all free courses do not earn credit. But you can study them anytime. You can arrange the schedule any way you like. Some of these programs offer many courses. But others just have the basic subjects. There is no need to study all of them. The choice is up to you.

Free summer online courses for high school students can be used by many students. Before you take up any college courses, these programs will prove useful.