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specializes in courses designed specifically for teachers for their Continuing Education needs.

Their aim is to keep the fire burning, in a manner of speaking, within teachers so they will continue with their noble profession of educating young minds and honing them into becoming successful and responsible adults.

They offer distance and online education to teachers who are unable to attend their campus workshops, trainings, seminars and special courses.

The lessons integrate current social, economic, environment and spiritual elements which help to infuse in the students the desire to continue with their profession through a more grounded approach.

Heritage Online Courses for Teachers

When you visit the Heritage Institute website, you can see a list of their available courses for the current year. To know if the course is a Heritage Online Learning Course, you will see a computer icon beside the course title.

The courses cover a wide range of interests each aimed at helping teachers develop a deeper understanding of the various factors that affect student learning.

10 Students You’ll Meet in the Classroom

One such course that will tremendously help educators better reach and teach their students is a course titled 10 Students You’ll Meet In Your Classroom. This topic is usually covered albeit briefly by other teacher courses particularly Classroom Management courses.

With this specific course however, you will be given a clearer picture of the various types of students that you will regularly meet in the classroom, i.e. the good kid, the rebellious kid, the stickler for details and the unseen kid.

You will be given assignments, about ten in all, and once you’ve passed all of these to your instructor they will be assessed. If everything is in order and you have passed all other requirements, you will be informed whether or not you have successfully completed your course.

This is a 3-quarter credit course.

Game-Based Learning: For All Grades and Subjects

This course is a 6-quarter credit course that integrates play into classroom lessons to help children get a better grasp of their lessons. This course will also teach educators on how to prevent or at least minimize boredom in the classroom.

This course does not simply hand you specific games that you can integrate into your curriculum per semester. This course actually helps you create your own games based on the lessons and your course syllabus.

This course aims to provide you with lessons and techniques that can assist you with your game-development. Your assignments in fact, include designing your own game. You need to come-up with at least one game with this course.