How to Take Online Courses for Free

Whether you want to learn a new skill, improve on your skills or you simply want to be productive during your spare time, taking an online class is ideal for you.

There are several colleges and universities that offer online courses for all age groups and while most of these are offered for a fee, a few select ones also provide free online courses.

The courses cover a wide selection of subjects starting from the very basic such as counting and ABC’s for younger kids, higher-level Math, Sciences, Foreign Languages, and Reading; up to computer-related subjects and other skill development courses.

How to Take Online Courses for Free

The first thing you have to do is to use search engines online to give you links to sites that offer online courses for free. You will find that sites such as GCF Learn Free, provide options to both kids and adults on courses that they can take without having to pay for tuition or other fees.

You can learn all about using the computer, improve on your Reading and Math skills, learn about managing your money plus planning your career and learning a new home business skill for those who want to start a small business.

Other courses are more specific such as those that delve into different branches of Science, i.e. Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

To know more about how to take online courses for free, you can check out the website of GCFLearn and click on their Frequently Asked Questions link.

How Do the Courses Run?

Courses may be taken straight from the website that provides the course of your choice which means that you will be given links to the courses upon which you can read the lessons, listen to audio presentations or watch short video clips on lectures and instructions.

Other courses can be downloaded directly to your portable music player which enables you to listen to the lectures as you go about your daily routine.

This course method is ideal for people who are always on the go or have no time to sit in front of the computer to take their online course.

Still others are offered via webcasts as in the case of UC Berkeley’s webcast courses.

The point here is that you will not be hard-pressed to find interesting, engaging and highly educational online courses offered for free as there are quite a few websites that provide courses on a variety of subjects, whether you want adult courses or courses designed for kids.