Online College Courses for Radiology

Online college courses for radiology are being taken by a lot of students. Because techs are required in many hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices, demand for these workers are high. This makes study worthwhile.


These courses are available in different forms. Some of them are run by health institutions. Others are courtesy of traditional schools with an online presence. There are free courses too. However, almost all of these free courses do not earn credit. Tests and certifications are not given either, both of which are required if you want to work professionally in the field.


The set up varies greatly. One of the most popular is an associate of applied science degree in radiologic technology. This is offered by a lot of these online study programs. The courses and topics offered help you get ready for the state exams.

These tests are run by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (US only). Among the courses that are available are radiologic equipment studies, patient care and image assessments. Radiographic pathology is present in most courses.

Some of these programs have flexible schedules. But others are structured like a typical school. Although you can do several assignments online, the clinical portion is done in a medical facility. These programs usually take two years to complete. You become eligible for the national exam if you graduate.


Most of these schools will require at least a GED or high school diploma. Other sites only accept applicants that have taken ACT or SAT. Virtually all of them have an entrance examination. Some study programs have strict schedules when applying; others are open for most of the year.

Applicants should show proof they have taken classes in interpersonal communication, biology and algebra. Knowledge of English and computers are necessary.

Other Information

General subjects are included apart from the core courses. For instance, health care law and physiology are often included. Radiographic calculations are always a part though. Online and clinical training may be done simultaneously. Or you may be asked to finish the online assignments first. The website should make this clear.

Another thing must be clarified. No radiology class can be fully online. There will be a live component courtesy of the clinical training. Any school that claims it is purely online is a scam and should be avoided.

Legitimate online college courses for radiology have accreditation. Check the credit of each site before you enroll and sign up.