Online Course for Insurance Reduction

An online course for insurance reduction is an alternative to the traditional way of taking safety driving exams. Finishing these programs will reduce your insurance premiums.


By taking an accredited accident prevention program, driver violation points can be cut down. This enables you to save a certain percentage off car liabilities. This can also translate into savings in the collision insurance premium.


These programs put the point reduction system in place when the course is finished. This is added to the record of the driver. The driver record indicates the points and convictions. The convictions determine the points a driver has. By completing the online coursework, these points will be reduced. The points reduction are going to be applied automatically.

A few courses offer quizzes, but others do not. They simply consist of safety driving lessons. After completing the course, the certificate will be processed and sent out. Because these courses are online, students can study the course anytime. These programs are self-paced. Support is provided in these programs via email.

Continuing Education for Drivers

These study programs are often taken by drivers for their continuing education. In most courses, driving record points can be reduced by up to four points. With most insurance companies this translates to a discount of up to 10%. Internet based driving lessons are akin to those in classrooms. Instructors explain the most important defensive driving methods. They also provide refresher courses on traffic rules and safety.

These programs include videos, images, animation and other interactive features. Course lengths differ. But students are allowed to start and stop anytime. When a student stops, they will resume at the level they came off.

Requirements for Applicants

Courses are either fully online or in a real classroom. Other methods may be used. Applicants must also check the fee required. Sites may also require applicants to submit documents. The information will be specified in the website.

Before taking the lessons, applicants should read the site guidelines. They will specify what kinds of rules have to be followed. Applicants must be certain the online class is fully accredited. Otherwise, points will not be reduced.

Other Information

There are limits to these reduction courses; they cannot stop a revocation or suspension of license. These courses have no effect on a driver’s responsibility evaluation.

An online course for insurance reduction is state-specific. You must choose a driving test program in your state or country.