Online Courses for Accounting Universities

Online courses for accounting universities offer top of the line coursework for their enrollees. Internet study programs employ the latest technology to make lessons interactive.


Courses begin with an explanation of accounting itself. Participants become trained in financial data analysis and processing of records. Students will learn how to crunch numbers in private corporations,
government agencies and various businesses.

Coursework Format

Distance learning programs have undergraduate and graduate degrees. Bachelors of Commerce with accounting majors are available as well. Accounting technician diplomas are also on the web.

Accounting programs today usually include IT and computer science. Tutors are assigned to online students. These tutors are responsible for the delivery of coursework. Some schools provide a tutor for each student; others have a higher ratio. Courses are self-paced. Multimedia materials are employed.

Several topics have to be studied such as accounting theory, cost analysis and risk management. Aspiring accountants become skilled in investment analysis. This subject focuses on the relationship between investments and how to make proper accounting.

More Features

Taxation, auditing and corporate finance are part and parcel of accounting programs. Taxes and auditing are bundled in almost all lessons. The subject of corporate finances is necessary for students who want to work for large companies. Competitive and strategic analysis is included in advanced courses.

Study lessons may be entirely online or hybrid. Hybrid courses require students to take part in campus projects. New students have to take up introductory and intermediate accounting. Management accounting, financial management and economics are packaged in most courses. Business law, statistics and economics are part of most curriculums.

Requirements for Students

A computer with Internet connection is necessary. Knowledge of basic mathematics is necessary. In some countries post-secondary training is required for aspiring accountants. The courses offered depend on the degrees. Many of them offer study programs at the undergraduate level.

Additional subjects on the web are accounts receivable, manufacturing overhead, future value and maintain balance sheets. Those who are enrolled will learn about bonds payable, the break-even point and chart of accounts.


Internet courses are not as expensive as a traditional classroom. Schedules are more forgiving, ideal for students who cannot study in a full-time university. Participants may also take up subjects like technology, business management and general education.

Online courses for accounting universities are listed in several education oriented websites. Applicants should go through their features carefully. The coursework, schedule, cost and requirements have to be studied.