Online Courses for Architecture

Most if not all online courses for architecture are hybrid. While some subjects can be completed online, other elements have to be learned in a live class. Nevertheless, there are accredited web based programs.


Like traditional classes, online architecture programs aim to develop your skills so you can continue with your degree program. You can also jump straight into the architecture industry after finishing one of these courses. Continuing education comes in the form of new techniques offered.


Online programs offer interactive courses for students. Web classes offer hundreds if not thousands of courses about architecture. Qualified instructors, often architects, provide guidance for students. Some courses are for people who are new to the field. Other schools offer tips for architecture exams. Most of these sites offer subjects that help you earn a certificate.

Inspection laws, building codes and green buildings are among the most common subjects covered here. These websites provide computer-aided design (CAD) programs. This will be used by students during their studies. They will learn how to use CAD and other similar tools to simplify their work.

These courses will guide you through the design of parks, offices, stadiums, houses, buildings and other structures. CAD professors will help you during the CAD learning process. Lab training is provided in a majority of these programs. Other subjects that will be included in the curriculum are commercial construction, residential construction, commercial CAD design and basic drafting.

More Class Subjects

Students will start working on architectural drafting after they have completed the preliminary courses. Structural drafting fields is another subject that you will study. High quality websites use the latest technology in drawing and architectural design.

Aside from CAD, you will see that many of them use videos and forums. The former are used for lectures. The latter is used by artists, students, architects and instructors for interaction. This can also be used to resolve technical problems and other issues.

Other Information

Be certain that the site has accreditation from the American Institute of Architects or other organizations. These programs have been developed to meet the requirements of the state where they are based in. That is why you should choose the one appropriate for your location. These websites will present a list from which you can choose your area.

Online courses for architecture are not just for aspiring architects. There are also programs for professionals who want to expand their career.