Online Courses for AutoCAD

Online courses for AutoCAD have sprung up as the demand for computer design specialists have increased. Today several educational institutions and universities have online tie-ups. These training courses offer both certifications and degrees.


There are many types of courses to cater to different needs. If you are just curious, there are sites that offer practice and tutorial guides. However, the serious student will want to enroll in one of the Internet based classes.

By enrolling online, the student can get familiar with the software and the basic concepts of 3D computer graphics. Web based schooling allows one to study at their preferred pace.


The price varies depending on how comprehensive the course is. You will also have to pay for the use of the software. Once you have paid and enrolled, you can participate.


These programs focus on step by step training tutorials. The basic features of the software are first introduced followed by illustrations of how they are used. The progression and layout of the lessons must be easy to grasp. A well implemented Internet course assists the student in creating virtual and real objects.

Topics like processes, dimensions and materials are covered and explained. An integral part of the training is making 2D and 3D designs. These are often used in architectural and industrial works. These creations are also the ones used to produce special effects in movies and 3D animation.

Some courses have training on computer aided industrial design. There are also courses that specialize in manufacturing and design, kinematics, mechanical drafting and assembly drafting. After the course is completed, the student will have attained the skills necessary to draw, draft and design using the software. This prepares them for work after finishing school.

Other Information

Students of computer aided design also have to study cost management issues as well as blueprints. To be a professional designer, a license or certificate is a must.

After the student is finished, the graduate can pursue a career in architectural and construction drafting or interior design. They are also qualified to do civil drafting. The duration of these classes vary, depending on the course specifics.

These online courses for AutoCAD require patience and perseverance. Most of the time you have to submit projects within a prescribed time period. However, there are discussion boards, chat facilities and other resources available. Also, some websites offer a mixture of online and live training.