Online Courses for BCBA

Online courses for BCBA (board certified behavior analyst) can be taken in many colleges and universities. These programs are also called behavioral analysis or applied psychology.

Coursework Overview

There are several BCBA study programs and they have different types of curriculum. The way they teach students also varies. Some universities offer a dozen courses, while others have more. This has a direct effect on the number of credits in the program.

Participants have to conduct research online. The results are assessed and presented in yearly conferences. Some of the topics that will be discussed are human services, mental health and speech disorders. You must also study emotional disorders, language, education and communications.

Other courses often required are general education on behavior psychology, collaboration and behavioral consultation and functional assessment introduction.

Additional Details

Comprehensive programs include working with developmentally disabled persons. This part is included in all applied behavior analysis degree programs. These topics are also covered in doctoral programs about the subject. Students are going to undergo assessment training. They also have to study behavior analysis implementation strategies.


Requirements vary per class. Applicants must have completed their studies in a BACB approved institution. They must also have at least one year working experience with people who are emotionally disturbed. Candidates should complete 135 credit hours of instruction minimum.

The curriculum should include behavioral change procedures, experimental evaluation, behavioral assessment, and ethical considerations. Credit hours have been traditionally completed in classrooms. But you can now earn them online. Apart from these courses, candidates have to satisfy the minimum number of hours needed for on-the-job training.

Continuing Education

Certified BCBAs maintain their license by taking continuing education courses. This is required every three years. If you fail to take these, your license will be terminated. Continuing education may be comprised of coursework, presentations, seminars or conferences. There are many licensed continuing education providers in each state. You must also pay a renewal fee.

Other Information

A lot of behavior psychology schools offer flexible online schedules. However, there are some online classes which have a fixed timetable. Many classes offer applied behavior analysis degrees, but the courses are not the same. Programs will take at least three years to complete. Knowledge of computers is necessary as this is where the exams will take place.

Online courses for BCBA help students prepare for the exam. Those who pass will get certified by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.