Online Courses for Bookkeeping

A bookkeeper’s job can be overwhelming, especially for a newbie bookkeeper.

There are all those receipts and invoices that you need to enter into the company’s books or ledgers plus you also have to make sure that the data you’ve entered so far are all balanced.

A bookkeeper, although he works with numbers and ledgers, should not be confused with an accountant. In terms of accounting, a bookkeeper is more like an accounting staff or clerk and not necessarily an accountant.

Online Courses for Bookkeeping

If you would like to work as a bookkeeper, whether for a bank or other companies, and you have no bookkeeping background; you can take online courses for bookkeeping. This type of course is generally a non-credit course and this is why most of the ones that you will find offered online are free for everyone.

To really get into the nitty-gritty details of bookkeeping, you should consider taking specific courses for each area in bookkeeping. This way, you will get a good idea of bookkeeping in its entirety to help you with your inputs, checks and balances – once you start on your bookkeeping job.

What are Some of These Courses?

Online bookkeeping courses that you can take are: Intro to Bookkeeping, Debits and Credits, Chart of Accounts, Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement.

Each of these categories has sub-categories to give you a detailed lesson for each part.

For example, with Debits and Credits; you will also touch on assets, expenses and losses and how these increase with debits; plus liabilities and stockholder’s equity and how these decrease with debits.

You will also learn that generally with credits; liabilities, revenues and gains increase. These lessons will help you organize your books and put entries into their corresponding columns.

How to Find the Right Bookkeeping Courses Online

You’re determined to learn everything that goes into bookkeeping so you can be effective in your new job but you do not which websites offer free online courses on this subject.

Some of the best sites to check out are business sites, accounting websites and online tutorial sites. You should check these first because what you are trying to locate are free online courses. Paid courses are usually offered by colleges and universities that have their own online learning portals.

While the courses are free, it does not mean that the lessons that you will be getting are mediocre or not up to par to the standards of professional bookkeeping.

As a matter of fact, when you read the course outlines, you will find that the course contents are comprehensive and up-to-date. You are assured then that you will be getting quality lessons and you don’t even have to pay for them.