Online Courses for College Credit in Math

Online courses for college credit in math are being taken by a lot of people, especially busy ones. The flexible schedules make them easier to work with. Most of them do not require commuting.

Coursework Overview

These sites cover basic and advanced courses. There are also subjects on educational pedagogy and research skills. Students will also learn how to teach math at different levels. Students may also take up a PhD, master’s of sciences or master’s of arts. These degrees are ideal for those who want to take an advanced course. Some of these subjects require their enrollees to make a thesis.

Advanced subjects include probability and statistics, ordinary differential equations, topology, matrix and abstract algebra. Other subjects that can be taken up are numerical analysis and differential geometry.

Students online can access library journals and other features that may be included. Some of these classes have live components. Here you will interact with other students.


There are several other topics that can be taken up. Among them are applied mathematics and math theory. There are also subjects on algorithms, complex variables and symbolic algebra.

Websites have forums where they can discuss the subjects with their fellow students or professors. Core subjects may focus on matrix theory and various kinds of mathematical analysis. Sometimes math subjects are taken up in a site’s science center, effectively combining the two.

Other Information

All of these sites have specific requirements. They need to pass a qualifying exam as well. These programs have different requirements when it comes to credits. Some courses allow you to choose topics such as mathematical communication and technology, history of mathematics etc.

Some schools allow you to study subjects from different departments. These are usually integrated into a single degree. However, this is possible only with specific topics. Some of these courses are designed for students who want to work in the academic field.


Check the coursework before signing up. There are many math subjects, so choose only the ones you are interested in. Most of these courses allow you to choose subjects. Take advantage of this opportunity to find the right course. The cost of these classes differs. Compare them first before you enroll. Take your time when examining them.

Online courses for college credit include bachelor’s and master’s degrees. You just need to be certain the course has accreditation. Check your school rules about credit transfer before signing on.