Online Courses for College Credit Medical Terminology

Accredited online courses for college credit medical terminology combine self-paced studies with interactivity. Thanks to the convenience provided by the Internet, finishing these programs will be easier to do.


Legitimate programs have accreditation. They are recognized by medical institutions, universities and the US education department. Studies are self paced; students can arrange the time of study. Aside from reading materials, online courses offer videos, forums and discussion boards to make the course more interesting and interactive.


Classes are divided into modules. The number and classification can vary depending on the site. The major subjects cover human anatomy and physiology. The most basic systems cover the skeletal, muscular and nervous systems. You can also expect to find subjects about the cardiovascular system, respiratory, lymphatic and immune systems.

Detailed explanations of the digestive, respiratory and nervous systems are covered in these sites as well. The urinary system, the skin and the endocrine system are discussed in detail. Most websites cover the eyes and ears, the reproductive system and diagnostic procedures and pharmacology.

These programs are not just for professionals; they are also for people who have no medical background. By taking these sites you will be able to increase your knowledge of medicine. There are also games that make it easy to remember words. Case studies and examples are provided to give you an idea of how the word is used.


Websites provide different methods to deliver the information. The most basic sites just provide an explanation for the word. But more and more sites offer multimedia. They provide images or video. These accompany the word to make them more interesting. You will also find some websites that offer tests. This is the easiest method to determine if you have remembered the words correctly.

Methods used for teaching words differ. Most include help by associating the words with other more familiar terms. This makes it easy to learn their pronunciation. But other sites use audio. Just click the “play” button and you will hear the sound being pronounced properly.

Other Information

Most of these websites are focused on human anatomy. Of course it will be different for those studying veterinary medicine. Pharmacology courses focus more on medical terms used in drug dosages and calculations.

Online courses for college credit medical terminology are either free or tuition based. Tuition based sites have several payment options. Most accept credit cards and PayPal. But others can accommodate check or money order.