Online Courses for College Students in Boston

If you are currently in college in Boston and you would like to take some of your courses online, there are a number of universities in the city that now offer online education to undergraduates. There are also courses for graduate and doctorate studies.

Some colleges or universities require that students be currently enrolled with them for on-campus courses before they can take advantage of the online courses being offered by their school; while others make their online courses available to anyone who wants to enroll.

Online Courses for College Students in Boston

Boston University

Boston University offers Online Undergraduate Courses to their students, faculty and staff members through their Distance Education program.

The courses are offered on schedules determined by the school so it’s best to check availability of the courses and their schedules so students can time their registration according to the allotted enrollment period.

You do not necessarily have to take all the courses included in the program of your choice but you will have to register for the program first before you can enroll in one or several of the courses included in the program.

Some of the undergraduate courses that you can choose from are the following: Arts Criticism: From the Old Media to the New, Genetics: Ethics and the Law, and Issues in Assisted Reproduction.

University of Massachusetts Boston

University of Massachusetts Boston

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The University of Massachusetts Boston does not require students to be enrolled in their on-campus courses before being admitted to their online courses.

However, there are courses that have per-requisites prior to being accepted and you should check first if the course you want to take has other requirements that you need to fulfill so you can work on these first.

The university offers Undergraduate Courses for semester credits online and if the title of the course has “PR” after it, it means that there is a specific requirement that you need to fulfill first – if you haven’t done so, yet – in order to be accepted for enrollment.

Some of the courses offered by the university are: Personal Finance, Introduction to Africana Studies, Introduction to Biological Anthropology, Introduction to Archeology and Introduction to Communication; to name a few.

Analyzing Media is a per-requisite course and the required course that you need to complete first prior to being accepted for Analyzing Media is English 102.

Courses have their own schedules much like the ones offered by Boston University. Course fees are generally around $990 per course.