Online Courses for Computer Repair

Online courses for computer repair are suitable for students who want to study in a nonconventional way. With the world becoming dependent on computers, the chances of landing a job is high.

Coursework Overview

These computer maintenance schools may focus on specific types of devices (i.e., desktop or laptop or both). Many classes today however, now teach students how to repair tablets, mice and other kinds of computer hardware.

The subject matter covered includes data recovery, diagnostics and information technology. Several schools provide specialties within the course. You can specialize in repairing monitors, keyboards or motherboards. Students get trained on how to remove viruses and ensure data is protected.

Additional Details

Most of these online classes include software troubleshooting courses. You can be a specialist in Windows troubleshooting, or resolving problems with computer servers or networks. There are also programs for fixing software like Office or Photoshop. Several courses for network protocol studies, Windows compatibility issues and recovering data from damaged hard disks are available.

Computer maintenance programs can be learned from several universities, technical schools and online sites. Many of these classes are hybrid. You will study some of the lessons online. Videos are used in web based training extensively. You will see how repairs are done by professionals.

These are accompanied by illustrations and graphics. But on-campus studies are a must. Hands-on training is required for students to learn the fundamentals. Physically installing, removing and fixing hardware and software are necessary.


You must have GED or a high school diploma. Some kind of post-secondary training is a plus, but not necessary. Degrees are not required. But it helps to have a diploma or certification from colleges or vocational schools. Enrolling in repair schools can earn you a two year associate’s degree in computer maintenance.

Other Information

The topics covered in these sites vary greatly. Aside from those mentioned, there may also be advanced discussions about web development and new operating systems management. Many of these classes include computer maintenance survey classes.

There are also topics for repairing Mac, Linux or UNIX based systems. You can be a specialist in fixing different types of platforms, or just concentrate on one. Standard courses are 60 hours long. The cost is around $200. The price tag will depend on how many hours the course is.

Online courses for computer repair are only expected to increase in numbers. More and more gadgets are coming out, and the need for repairmen will continue to grow.