Online Courses for Cosmetology Instructor

Online courses for cosmetology instructor provide the knowledge needed to enter this field. This used to be available in specialized education institutions, community colleges and vocational schools. But they are now online.


These programs offer online and live training. Unlike other courses, they usually follow a schedule. Several subjects can be studied on the Internet. But the bulk of the training is done in a live class. Training hours are around 600 to 750; it depends on the state laws. Certificates are given to students that pass the exam.


This will include evaluation, testing and planning lessons. This is the crux of the job, so core courses center on this subject. Different teaching methods are also taught. The actual techniques will vary depending on the class.

Classroom management is an integral part of this course. Aspiring instructors are taught about basic concepts and practicum. Exams are given before a student is allowed to go further. Graduates are eligible for state cosmetology exams. State regulations differ, so students should check the requirements in their respective area.

Aspiring cosmetology teachers have to pass this exam to get the license needed to practice. As stated, features and requirements will vary. But the skills required in these exams are basically the same. That is why most web based courses on the subject can prepare students for it. By passing this exam, a student proves that they have more than the basic skills needed in the job.


Anyone who wants to be a cosmetology teacher must have finished cosmetology classes. Experience working in the field is required. Study programs may impose other requirements; read the site policy before applying. You should also compare the costs of each course.

Job Prospects

Cosmetology is a lucrative field. Instructors can work in different fields within the industry. They can apply at private cosmetology centers or get a job in vocational schools. New instructors can also find work in educational centers. They may teach basic subjects. Or they can focus on advanced techniques like skin, nail and hair treatments.

Continuing Education

This is required in all states. These courses ensure that cosmetologists are updated on the latest techniques. Instructors will also become more adept in new teaching methods. These courses can be taken on the Internet.

There are only a few online courses for cosmetology instructor available. But because the demands for it are going up, their numbers are probably going to increase.