Online Courses for Cosmetology

Online courses for cosmetology make it easier to learn the various fields covered by the subject. Because scheduling on the Internet is less demanding, you can study without giving up your job.


These Internet programs usually have several courses, although a few may focus on specific types like pedicures or hairdressing. Topics included are spa treatments and various types of aesthetics and beauty services available in the country.

Graduates from these programs can work as a cosmetologist, barber, hairdresser, manicurist or other related jobs in the industry. Some of the subjects which are studied are hair-cutting, bacteriology, types of facial treatments,

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sanitation and disinfection, hair removal and the business skills needed in the industry.

Other subjects covered online are massage, skin analysis and disorders, skin physiology and chemistry, and color theory. Different types of cosmetic products are also assessed.

Coursework Contents

These virtual classrooms include training in nail technology, waxing and manicure among others. For the most part these education programs consist of reading materials and illustrated guides. The basic concepts of each beauty topic will be explained.

The methods used today and the science behind them are also explained in detail. These programs point out the proper procedures and how to avoid mistakes during their application.

Instructors provide information via audio and video too. Video and audio are very helpful when it comes to discussing topics like thermal curling, anatomy and physiology, hair design principles and skin care.

These web courses also touch on infection control, basic chemistry, the history of cosmetology and the latest developments. There are also video lectures to get you ready for the state licensing exam.

Cosmetology Business

There are also Internet courses which explain how to own or manage your own cosmetology business or ownership. There are also science degrees available for those who want to take this up. These courses will take about 9 months to complete if you study full-time.

These programs are designed for people who possess a license. This business degree features small business management and professional development and how to use various business applications.

These programs also focus on communications, business math and related subjects. Those who graduate can work in product development, be a salon owner, spa manager or cosmetology sales associate.

Before enrolling in online courses for cosmetology, check its accreditation. Since the subject is vast, go over its course features thoroughly. Make sure that it has the subjects you want to master.