Online Courses for Counseling Certificate

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Online courses for counseling certificate are numerous and varied. Regardless of which counseling profession you choose, there is likely to be one online to match your needs.


There are many kinds of counseling available, from substance abuse, spousal abuse, and child care to career counseling. You can also become a Christian or Bible counselor, or help those victimized by sexual assault.

Regardless of which you choose, there are specialized education courses available on the Internet. There are now several universities which offer web based programs for various counseling jobs.

Contents and Features

There are several online universities and colleges which enable students to become certified counselors. They can also become specialists in different types of social work related jobs. These courses have different requirements.

These programs also have varied lessons. Some may have 22 units, while others may have fewer than that. Internship is featured in almost all classes. This is necessary so students can get the experience required to be qualified for the job. However the number of hours varies.

Some will just meet the minimum state requirements while others are in excess of 250 hours. Long internship hours are usually required for substance abuse counselors.


Some universities will require students to have a minimum bachelor’s degree before they can take part in the examinations. Most of the time there are no constraints regarding enrolling schedules. But there are a few online schools which accept only a limited number of students.

Tuition Costs

This varies depending on the course and the online school. For a substance abuse counselor course on the web, it may come up to $3,000 more or less. This will include all fees, software and any materials that have to be purchased. Most of these programs however, provide some sort of financial assistance and loans for students.

Other Information

Online programs use different methods for lecturing students. Many of them use videos to guide students. They also offer practical advice. For example, a site might offer tips for counselors helping victims of sexual assault.

Others might focus on helping professionals who are already working. It all depends on the site and what its purpose is. Many online school credits can be applied to Ph.D or masters. This is ideal for students who want to study more in depth.

Many online courses for counseling certificate are set around licensing requirements. Others are designed to encourage students to pursue higher degrees.