Online Courses for Credit for Teachers

Online courses for credit for teachers make it easy for educators to renew their license. Internet based programs are more convenient than traditional classes, eliminating the need to travel to a classroom.


Different topics are available. There are refresher courses on traditional and common subjects like math, English, history and science. Other subjects include creating lesson plans, communicating effectively with students and using technology in a classroom, virtual or otherwise.

There are also courses for continuing education. These include responding to slow learning students and changing school culture. The latter course explains why some students, even school staff resist change. There are also courses for motivating students. This subject includes suggestions to help them become inspired. There are also courses on formative assessment & standards-based grading, promoting students’ safe and civil Internet practice.

The latter subject is now included in many courses. This is due to the prevalence of web use. One of the most important topics covered here is the issue of cyber bullying. Educators will learn how to cope with the situation should it arise.

Other course subjects that can be taken up online are grading for student achievement, making the most of teacher evaluation, learning and leading in the digital age and teaching English language learners across the curriculum. There are also courses for teachers who are new to online / digital teaching.


Study lessons are done over the web. Instructors provide the assignments to students via their site platform tool (like Blackboard). Standard features include email, discussion boards and chat rooms. Video is used for lectures and some lessons too. Graphics and animation may be used in math and science lessons. These extra features will require computers to have the appropriate plug-ins.

Choosing a Course on the Web

Educators should look for courses designed for the state they work in. Topics offered online can be similar. But there are some tailored for specific locations. Comparing different sites is a good idea. This will let you determine if the content and price tag are on the average.

Other Information

There are also courses for empowering teachers. There are courses which teach educators how to make the most out of technology and help students. Aside from earning credit, many courses also assist teachers so they can communicate more effectively with their students.

Online courses for credit for teachers are recognized throughout the US. However, policies and rules regarding credit transfer vary per class.