Online Courses for Dentists

Online courses for dentists are designed for the continuing education (CE) of professional dentists. Aside from providing fresh information, these courses also have credits which help in keeping up with license requirements.

Course Contents

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These dental courses are not just for dentists; some of them are for dental assistants, hygienists and others in the business. Most of these sites feature updated courses and data. Many of these programs are designed for specific states so they will contain updates and news regarding dental laws there.

Other topics which are covered are dental care for patients with severe problems, dental radiology, working in dental laboratories and dental malpractice. These programs also study the possible link between HPV (Human Papillomavirus) and oral cancer.

There are also CE programs for orthodontics, a sub-specialty that dentists can take. Some of these courses provide new information teeth extraction methods and filling cavities. Some of these programs also offer career advice and tips for their students.

Additional Features in Web Courses

Some of these Internet programs offer refresher courses on microbiology, chemistry and anatomy. These are courses which dentists have studied, but it helps to learn any new developments in these areas. Other subjects that tackled here are the latest dental treatment techniques, dental diagnosis and oral pathology. They will also study other subjects which are related to dentistry.


These are priced on a per unit basis. Most of them are very affordable, usually $5 to $8 per unit. You may even get discounts when you purchase several courses. You should not just base your choice on the price. You must also take into account the actual features and contents.

Other Information

Other areas of study are maxillofacial surgery and general dental health. These courses also explain how to treat different kinds of oral health problems. CE programs also devote subjects not just on treatment but prevention and care as well.

Job Prospects

The outlook is good because there is an increase in the demand for dentists in the US. This has been attributed to the growing aging population in the US. It is also due to rising trends like teeth whitening. The median annual salary is $140,000. Some dentists can earn as much as $200,000 a year.

Make sure the online courses for dentists you choose are professionally developed. You should check the web for state approvals. Also check what people are saying about the site.