Online Courses for Doctors

Online courses for doctors are usually of the CE (continuing education type). CE courses have updated information about medical treatments. They will also keep doctors knowledgeable on other matters concerning medicine.

More about Continuing Education

Online CE programs are similar to traditional seminars and medical journals. The only difference is that you study the subject on the web. These courses are not just for advancing knowledge. CE courses are actually needed by doctors to keep their license. States require a specific number of credit hours to be taken each year. The required credit hours depend on the doctor’s specialty.

More specialized professions need more credit hours. Surgeons will need more special training than general physicians. In fact, surgeons will be required to do hands-on training. Some of the lessons will be done online though. This is especially so when it comes to surgical procedures.


There are several programs available. Some courses are short, while others will last for several weeks. A lot of these classes will require doctors to read medical journals. Some of these courses employ video. This is used to enhance presentation of lessons. These topics will improve their knowledge.

This allows a physician, surgeon or other doctors to perform their work more effectively. Aside from journal articles, doctors can also read lecture lessons and various other study materials. Some of these courses have podcasts. There are sites which use specially designed games to test their knowledge.


The curriculum will depend on the specialty. Regardless, they will earn credit needed for renewing their license. Doctors can choose from a variety of topics. Doctors may take up courses on breast cancer care, pet diseases that affect humans, low sexual desire, the latest AIDS treatments and so on. Doctors will also learn about issues that affect the medical industry.

Other Information

Some courses last for only a few hours, but others can last for several months. Doctors with specializations will have to take up more CE courses. The coursework must have the approval of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).

CE courses are divided into two types: self directed learning and formal classes with exams afterwards. States have different requirements. For instance, in Pennsylvania it is 100 credit hours, while in Missouri 50 hours. Those in other states may be different.

Online courses for doctors are now available in a lot of courses. Taking these courses ensure a doctor’s knowledge will never go out of date.