Online Courses for Dreamweaver CS3

Online courses for Dreamweaver CS3 are designed for students, developers or professional web designers who want to create websites rapidly. There are many tutorials and courses that feature this popular program.

Coursework Overview

Dreamweaver classes begin with an overview of the program. Modules include creating a new website, customizing the interface, creating & inserting images. Other chapters are going to focus on making CSS layouts, designing with CSS layouts with absolute positioning and making tables accessible. There are also topics on using frames and making tables.

Basic Courses

These consist of organizing files & folders, testing & targeting links and linking to other websites. You will also go over topics such as creating an email link, linking to pages in a site and using the page properties dialog box. These courses also explain features like aligning images with the property inspector, formatting and inserting text.

You will also learn the basics of creating a page or site. There are also topics devoted to working and customizing the interface. The topics covered here include previewing in browsers & device central, customizing the insert bar and opening an existing site.

Advanced Topics

After learning the basics, you will be trained how to save JPGs to the web, insert GIFs in the program and optimize images for the web. You will also learn about the style selectors, changing page properties styles and creating a rollover effect in CSS.

A course on CSS includes studies on navigation links creation, using margins for positioning and creating an image border. You will also study page layouts calculations, naming AP Divs, and using a tracing image. Other areas of study are absolute positioning, styling a table and creating a frameset.


Dreamweaver tutorials require you to have this program in your computer. A fast Internet connection is necessary.

Features and Format

Many online classes have virtual seminars too. Internet classes usually have videos (live, recorded or both). Most of the materials you need are going to be provided online. But some of them have accompanying software or interactive videos. Few of these sites will require you to buy CDs or books. But these can supplement your studies.

Online courses for Dreamweaver CS3 vary in terms of quality and depth. Some are free, while others are part of formal training. If you are enrolled in a web design class, chances are the program you will use is a version of Dreamweaver.