Online Courses for Drivers Ed for Texas

Online courses for drivers ed for Texas helps you get ready to receive a drivers’ permit. Because these are on the Internet, they are easier to access and study.


These Internet courses also help you meet the prerequisites imposed by insurance firms for their discounts. The biggest benefit these sites provide is preparation for the actual examination. If you are a new driver, these sites will have all the information needed to pass the state exam.

There are also refresher courses for those drivers who are trying to renew their license. Before you enroll, verify that the site is approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Requirements for Residents and Students

Note that residents of the state who want to get a driver’s license must obtain at least 34 hours of drive time. This will be needed for them to get the license. If students are taking the test, the procedure must be completed with their parents. Aside from learning driving safety tips, other topics will be covered.

For students age 15, you will be eligible for a learner’s permit. Students must also finish at least six hours of class instructions. Students will get their certificate of completion after they finish all the coursework. Students can take the practice tests on the web.

Coursework Features

These courses are designed for people with different requirements. The students are taught how to drive responsibly and steer clear of collisions. There are programs aimed specifically to educate teen drivers. Over the road trucking and other related courses are also covered by these sites.

The materials are organized in formats which are easily accessible. There are also quizzes at the end of each lesson. This allows people to gauge how much they have learned. Multiple quiz attempts are available for those who want to improve their performance.

Other Information

There are also courses which teach how to avoid road accidents and how to be a defensive driver. Some sites are designed for adult drivers only, but most of these sites are for teens and adults. There are also special courses for those who are 55 years and older. They may have other specific requirements that have to be fulfilled.

Online courses for drivers ed for Texas have different features. For example, some sites will offer refunds if students fail to pass. Make sure to check the features of each site before enrolling.