Online Courses for Early Childhood Education in Ontario

Early Childhood Education is your child’s first foray into the challenging world of formal schooling.

Since this is the first time that kids will be separated from their parents or guardians, Early Childhood Education teachers do not only act as the kids’ first formal educator, they also act as “second parents” to their students as well as counselor, comforter and playmate.

Teachers in Early Childhood Education undergo a different kind of training as they need to be able to reach out to their very young students in a positive way so much so that the kids will not dread going to school but will actually look forward to it.

Online Courses for Early Childhood Education in Ontario

If you wish to teach in Ontario or some other parts of Canada, it is important that you understand the way educators teach their kids in the country.

You also have to fully understand the laws that govern the country’s educational system so you can teach according to its standards.

If you wish to get started on your education towards earning a degree in Early Childhood Education fit for Canadian standards, online courses for Early Childhood in Ontario can help you in this respect.

Requirements for Early Childhood Education Courses

First off, you have to check the pre-requisite courses that you should have taken first to make you eligible for Early Childhood Education courses. In Ontario, if you wish to pursue studies in this field, there is an early Childhood Education program that does not require a Bachelor’s Degree.

The basic education requirement is that you should have earned an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or a diploma that is equivalent to this. You should have also completed 12th grade English or its equivalent.

Other educational institutions in the province however, offer courses for Early Childhood Education as part of a Continuing Education program which means you should have earned a Bachelor’s Degree.

Briefly, courses include topics that teach you all about child development, communication strategies, observing and assessing children, wellness for children, working with parents and developing curriculum for young learners.

Some of the courses may take up to four semesters to complete, while others can be completed in just three semesters.

Apart from the courses that will prepare you to become a licensed teacher in Early Childhood Education, there are also courses for Early Childhood Assistant.

While this program does not make you eligible to work as a licensed teacher, you can work as a teacher assistant in Early Childhood Education.